Wednesday, October 6, 2010


his childish school-like attitude had turned into a more manly posture only to be supported by the facial hair and a somehow challenging stance against the worlds bitter experiences through the evolved anatomy of his bone system it has been a while she hadnt seen him years could be more accurate to describe the gap so when they saw each other for the first time in their consequent lives which had nothing to do with one another they reminisced about the amateur level of them being acquaintances and smiled in a so called sincere way they talked about some brief memories the teachers and their ways of making to the adolescents daily conversations and self-assuring monologues to how they used to be some kind of anarchist teenagers that never became a part of the puzzle everyone liked to call a system of course during the verbal proof neither of them mentioned about how they passed the test of the system to get into a college how they sucked up to their professors and laughed hysterically at their jokes that lacked a basic sense of humour how they prepared polished cvs to get a job in the system and after recalling one or two common friends they still seemed to keep in touch the conversation was over she leaned on to kiss him goodbye and realized his smell was intoxicating her alter egos thoughts could easily be the opening sentence to a semi-erotic love novella so she instantly dismissed herself for being so easy because she was known to be a bookworm of classics someone who would prefer the series of war and peace to harry potter while he held her hand for a simple farewell shake he realized he wanted to hold hers forever and it was strange because nobody especially in the world of patriarch anologies nobody would have the craving for someone that soon especially when the topics to discuss were exhausted and the female addressee lacked a certain aura of sexappeal a crucial item on the basics of a relationship his peers had a consensus upon would it be really weird if i asked you out he asked all of a sudden instantly realizing his rudeness of being so direct since their small chat did not contain marital stata are you seeing someone she smiled no im not she said thankful to god because she really wanted to kiss him and dates meant at least peck kisses at the end with the strong possibility of evolving into something deep if the food was alright and a certain mutual connection was established and it wouldnt be weird at all she added it wouldnt be weird even if he leant and kissed her on the lips because they were going to do it eventually anyways why bother with all that sexual tension and inward questionings of when and where and how she did not know whether it was the strength of her rationale or the simple attraction of being free to kiss someone on the lips but they experienced the first touching of the lips as his thumb caressed her cheeks and her hands rested peacefully on his back lets kiss each other all the time because this feels good he said and they did not need to go through all that mumbo jumbo about the level of their relationship or where to spend the lunch breaks of his internship or whether to announce this on a social media apparatus because at the end everything was summarized in a tongue dwelling lip trembling flesh biting kiss everything was done for or all the concessions or the plans or the descriptions of being exclusive or not or which side of the relationship had performed better on a love scale of one to ten all of those little calculations and expectations were just conducted for the kiss the kiss meant everything and the details around just consumed their personal hormonal energy for kissing so that after some time their lips shift was switched into arguing rather than kissing so why bother with all that fatigue she said so they became this kiss-buddies that never analyzed anything other than how great their skins felt or how compatible their bodies were or how amazing it felt during frenching all of their friends experienced break ups and taking a breaks and strong bitter arguments with their so called soulmates while all they did was to kiss each other nonstop haven't you finished your story yet he complained in a rather flirty mood and she was aware that a kiss was a kiss and nothing could come in between so she smiled and stopped typing at this very second

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